SU in Rwanda

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    Scripture Union Rwanda is an interdenominational Christian Association operating in Rwanda since 1969.  The main objective of the movement is to help Christians at different ages to grow spiritually, and the channel used for this growth is the daily reading of the Bible.

    Three departments work together to achieve this main objective:

  • Biblical Ministry
  • Youth Ministry·        
  • Verwaje Ministry

Working with churches, Scripture Union aims to make God’s Good News known to children, young people, and families and to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer.

Retreat in Gisenyi
Retreat in Gisenyi

The activities at SU in KIgali include

  • Bible Ministries
  • Bible Guides/Cards
  • Schools Ministry
  • Camps
  • Holiday Activities
  • Neighbourhood ClubsValues Education
  • Work with those at risk
  • Children/Youth Ministry Training
  • Bookshop & Library
  • Campsite


  • Président                Rutayisire Antoine
  • Vice-président     Rev. Kayijuka Emmanuel
  • Trésoriere              Siméon Sembwa
  • Chaplain  Rev. Isaac Sinamenyei
  • Secretaire/Comité              Miss Patricie Mukandoli
  • Sécretaire Général             Jean Baptiste Bugiruwenda
  • Counsellors            Mrs. Jacqueline Nyirahabimana
  • Mrs Viriginie Mukanziga
  • Rév. Dushimimana Daniel
  • Comptable             Mrs Mujawamaliya Florida
  • Secrétaire               Mrs Eugénie Uwamariya
  • Children & Youth Ministry               Mr Ezeckias Ntirenganya
  • Administrateur     Vacant

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